Local Meter Maid Throws Solo Dance Party While Issuing Parking Tickets (VIDEO)

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YouTube/jaion pl
Issuing tickets is fun!
Believe it or not, San Francisco meter maids have interests and hobbies outside of ruining your lives.

For instance, they like to dance. Sometimes they like to dance alone.

As seen in this entertaining video shot by an amused driver who was able to capture the rarely seen tender side of our parking police.


Paul Rose, spokesman for the SFMTA, viewed the brief video and made the following observation:

"Those moves aren't half bad considering the size of those tiny GO4s," Rose told us.

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Beverly Ranis
Beverly Ranis

...and here's one causing havoc! Both cars got LOCKED IN!!

Peter Canada
Peter Canada

The DPT could also throw a party for the incompetent jerks that don't know how to write legal tickets.

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