Joe Hernandez: Cops Make Arrest in Fatal Beating of UCSF Medical Student

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Dung Minh Nguyen
On Thursday, police arrested 36-year-old Dung Minh Nguyen on suspicion of beating to death 30-year-old Joe Olivares Hernandez, a UCSF medical student. The arrest comes three years to the day that Hernandez was attacked.

Hernandez was out with a classmate at Temple Nightclub on the night of Jan. 9, 2011 when he was attacked by a man he didn't even know. Hernandez, who was described as a non-violent, religious man, was beaten and knocked into a coma; he was declared brain-dead and a few days after the beating, he died.

Police used surveillance video from the club to help track down Nguyen, a Richmond resident. He was arrested yesterday and booked on the following charges: voluntary manslaughter, assault with a deadly weapon, battery causing serious bodily injury and battery.

Courtesy of Hernandez's family
Joe ("Joey" Hernandez
Hernandez was a fourth-year medical student and had volunteered as a disaster relief worker after Hurricane Katrina. He learned Spanish so he could work with refugees in Guadalajara,Mexico, and as a teenager, he worked as an unpaid hospital volunteer, according to authorities.

"What we've been told is that he was retreating, he was trying to get away while he was being attacked," his sister Tonia Baca, told SF Weekly after the attack. "It was not a brawl, he was attacked -- he was a completely innocent person."

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Frank Kim
Frank Kim

By the looks of the vid guy may have been scoping that girl the killer was hovering over, if that was him. Idk if this is a prejudice thing to say but thugs like him will do this kind of thing if they think you "dissed" them by talking to their girl, shame this future doc lost his life over nothing.

Eric Jenkinson
Eric Jenkinson

For the idiots that defend these violent thugs. Picture yourself in this situation. Now we have one scumbag still alive and a good human being lying in his grave. Death penalty is to good for this predator.

Mel Greene
Mel Greene

Bring back the death penalty & fry this fucker's ass.

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