Human Skull Found on Paper Plate in Oakland

Now imagine this on a paper plate
Stumbling across a human skull on a paper plate is never a great way to start of a New Year.

Alas, some unfortunate hikers were greeted with just that -- a human skull on a paper plate -- yesterday afternoon as they trekked through Tilden Regional Park in Oakland, a popular spot for the recreationally inclined.

Here's what we can tell you about this gruesome finding:

According to CBS News, officers responded to the area of Grizzly Peak Boulevard, about a half mile west of South Park Drive, after getting multiple calls about a human skull.

When the cops arrived, they indeed found a human skull "out in the open" on a paper plate surrounded by beads, Officer Johnna Watson told the news station.

The cops are now trying to determine whose skull it is and why it was out there.


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As a former resident of New Orleans I can tell you that is *definitely* some analog of voodoo. Voodoo is New Orleanian, but the Haitian version is Vodou. As many New Orleanians as there are in Oakland, I'm betting this is the Haitian variety.
(Minored in Louisiana Religious Studies :) )

rob035 topcommenter

Only in Oakland would they use a tacky paper plate!


Santeria, Voudoun, lots of people are into this mumbo jumbo.


Why the anti-Oakland link baiting SFWeekly? Tilden Regional Park is bordered by Berkeley and Orinda. And the cross streets mentioned in this article are located in Berkeley. Not Oakland. This can't be a fact-checking oversight since a simple 0.23 second Google search provides accurate location info for Tilden. Instead, this looks like a conscious editorial decision was made to attract more traffic at the expense of Oakland's beleaguered reputation.

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