Google Maps Car Broken Into While Parked in the Richmond District

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Update: Read Google's response below

Another car was burglarized in the Richmond District this week, but it wasn't just any car, it was a Google mapping car, the vehicles that snap photos of street scenes for our viewing pleasure. has the story:

On Tuesday at about 11:15 a.m., reader Derek walked by a Google Maps car parked on Sixth Avenue near Clement Street. It wasn't unusual to find the mapping vehicle hard at work in the district, but this time something was off. Upon closer look, Derek noticed the front passenger side window had been smashed in.

Derek flagged down some cops who were busy arresting some dude in an apartment building up the street. When they were finished there, they took a look at the Google crime scene and determined indeed a laptop was taken from the vehicle.

Which begs an obvious question: Whose faces and license plates numbers were on that laptop, if any? We contacted Google early this morning to find out a little more about this crime. Perhaps Google's media team is awake yet. We'll keep you posted.


Another nagging question: Where's the car alarm when you need it? Well, the good news is there was an alarm, the bad news is that it only sounded when the cops were rifling through the car to investigate.

Technology is so damn frustrating.

Update 9:40 a.m.: Susan Cadrecha, a spokeswoman with Google, emailed us the following statement: "I can confirm that one of our Street View cars was broken into this week in SF. All items with map data are secure. We're cooperating with local law enforcement who are investigating the incident."

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