Google Glass Drama: Guy in Movie Theater Accused of Bootlegging Film

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Yes, they're weird looking and no, you can't watch Netflix on them -- yet
If Google Glasses are accomplishing anything real, it's growing paranoia.

Today's headlines tell a story about an Ohio man who, while at the movies with his wife, was dragged from the film and interrogated for hours by the Department of Homeland Security.

Why? Because his Google glasses were suspicious. More specifically, authorities were worried the guy might have been bootlegging the film he was watching, and thus jumped to the conclusion that he was part of a large piracy ring.

According to the New York Daily News, the cops claimed the Google glasser was using the wearable computer, which he'd had his prescription lenses fitted into, to record Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit as it played on the big screen.

After snatching the insanely expensive gadget from his head, the movie folks asked him to leave; outside the theater, a group of officers accused him of illegally recording the movie. Authorities reportedly kept demanding he "give the guy up the chain."

After several hours of questioning the movie-goer, the cops finally took a gander at what was on the computer and found just what the man had said they'd find: images of his wife and family dog.

The suspect-turned-victim was finally released and given two free movie passes.

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Doogle McDiggle
Doogle McDiggle

they should have thrown popcorn around texted and shot

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