Get Your 49ers Tattoo for $49

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Here's your chance to bleed red and gold for the San Francisco 49ers, and we mean literally bleed.

A Concord tattoo artist is offering to ink all of you rabid fans with the 49ers logo at a discounted rate of $49.According to NBC news, tattoo artist Mark Sanchez Jr. and his wife, Tina, are both life-long 49ers fans and owners of Silver Needle Studios, which is offering the discount to fans through the postseason.

All you have to do is gather up the cash, get the 49ers logo stenciled wherever you want on your body, then man up for 30 minutes while the tattoo is made permanent.

"Less than an hour of your time and you're permanently scarred with your team," Tina Sanchez told the news station.

You were planning to be more adventurous in 2014, right?

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Arnold Johnson
Arnold Johnson

Last year same deal...and Baltimore was the spoiler ...who this year Denver

Nate Payne
Nate Payne

If I win the beat that the niners will beat seattle. Fans will rock this shit!

Leigh Miller
Leigh Miller

I saw that on the news! I am considering it ;)

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