It's Official: The Flu Has Hit Half of the U.S

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So cover your mouth already.

As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention astutely noted, flu season is now in full swing and the H1N1 virus, more alarmingly known as the swine flu, accounts for many of those cases.

The flu is now widespread in about half of the United States, with the hardest-hit states being Nevada, Texas, and other southern states. California has seen regional flu outbreaks, and last week, a 41-year-old Santa Clara County woman died from the flu after testing positive for H1N1.

In addition, the swine flu has also been found in Contra Costa and Marin Counties, ABC News reports.

According to the CDC, in the week of December 22-28, the proportion of people seeing their doctors for influenza-like illnesses increased drastically, and "is above the national baseline for the fifth consecutive week."

Here's a handy map of showing which states are currently suffering the most:

Center for Disease Control
Your sneeze map

So what should you do?

  • Wash your hands frequently -- with soap!
  • Cover your mouth when you cough (then wash your hands again)
  • Cover your nose with a tissue when you sneeze, then throw that tissue in the garbage
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs (your desk, phone, door knobs, ketchup bottles)
  • And lastly, stay at home if you are sick because nobody wants to be infected with your misery.

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Fbuzer Jay
Fbuzer Jay

obama care ready to be put to work...

Gina Marie
Gina Marie

Yikes what if you work for a company that encourages employees to come to work sick does not allow for sick time etc.. Bad news

Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

Because licking a sick person's hands is how everyone gets sick.

Olivia Barchard
Olivia Barchard

Thank you for showing people they should cough into the inside of their elbow!!! Drives me nuts.

Mitch Patel
Mitch Patel

Get yourself some if you want to stay germ free.

Adrienne Gates
Adrienne Gates

Maybe we should give more antibiotics to livestock. 0.o

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