Did You Hear That Scary Explosion Last Night in the Outer Sunset?

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It was loud, but it's nothing to worry about now, police say.

At about 6 p.m., the cops were called out to a residence on the 1400 block of 46th Avenue regarding a suspicious device. When they arrived, they found what they were looking for: a uncertain-looking something.

Police called out the bomb squad, secured the area, got citizens out of the way, and blew up the explosive device, right there on 46th Avenue.

"They determined this was the safest way to secure the device." says Officer Gordon Shyy. While some media outlets are reporting the device was a bomb, Shyy could not confirm what the device was, saying it's still being investigated.

Police and fire remained at the scene to ensure nothing else "flared-up" or flamed-up due to the explosion. Then at about 8:46 p.m., According to CBS News, the blow-up, which could be heard for blocks, caused a one-alarm fire at a liquor store near 46th Avenue and Judah Street.

The explosion and subsequent fire left broken windows as well as damaged walls and merchandise at the store.

There were no injuries reported, but there were definitely a few startled dinner guests.

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aliasetc topcommenter

The area is the new Chinatown !

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