Confirmed: San Francisco Is Filled With Total Health Nuts

Lunch is served!
Guess what, everyone: those nasty carrot and kale shakes are working!

A new study released this week confirms what other studies have already said about us: San Franciscans are some of the trimmest and slimmest people in the nation. NerdWallet released its findings, ranking our rolling city second healthiest community in the nation. Even better, we beat out Seattle and Portland. And because you are wondering, Boston is the only city that's fitter than us.

It stands to reason: San Francisco's steep landscape provide residents with a built-in interval exercise program that no treadmill could offer (at least when it comes to a scenic workout). And of course, knowing there's a taco stand or a bar in the far off distance will motivate the laziest among us to march those hills.

Per Nerdwallet, a health blog:

Often referred to as the City by the Bay, San Francisco is a year-round paradise for fitness gurus and outdoor adventurers, thanks to the habitually temperate weather and plenty of parks, walking paths and steep hills. Nearly 45% of San Francisco residents are at a healthy weight, perhaps because it's been dubbed the best city for weight loss and home to the healthiest eaters. And in its fifth annual survey, Women's Health magazine ranked San Francisco as the best city for women's health.

The health nerds sifted through data of the 50 largest metro ares in the United States to determine our health nut status. That included analyzing our body weight, our health insurance coverage, and how fit we are compared to the American Fitness Index. They also looked at access to the outdoors, disease rates, and the number of physicians available per 100,000 residents.

So congrats on being so damn athletic and skinny. You should definitely celebrate. How about a trip to Ghirardelli Square?Walk there if you must.

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