Confirmed: People Are Going to Work Even When They're Sick

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Lunching at your cubicle again?
If ever you wondered why the flu is hitting us so hard this year, well, you have your workaholic office mates to blame.

A new study released this week says that 70 percent of employees across the nation reported coming to work even when they are sick. Obviously, that's not what health officials have been advising everyone as the flu has hit the nation -- and especially California -- hard this season.

"The big message is to stay at home, to take care of yourself to not spread these germs," Naveena Bobba with the San Francisco Public Health Department tells KTVU.

So why are all these coughing and sneezing co-workers still coming into the office? It's not to make your workday even more miserable. According to Rich Noreen, a division director with OfficeTeam which commissioned the study, they probably feel obligated.

"They might feel pressure that well, my boss comes in when [they're] sick so I need to come in when I'm sick," Noreen tells KTVU.

It could also be they don't have enough time accrued or that they're worried about keeping their job.

All of this is worth noting since just yesterday, San Francisco had its third flu-related death of the season; the Bay Area has had 34 confirmed deaths since the flu season kicked off.

So what's the take away from all this? You work too much, runny nose or not.

So turn your computer off, wash your hands, and go home already.

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aliasetc topcommenter

The ones that stay away from work are in Safeway and Starbucks spreading germs.

Gina Marie
Gina Marie

Yes but if you work at a place like I do if you don't show up flu or not u risk being fired :/ everyone's been sick at work for weeks stupid!

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