Are You Sick of Pedestrians Getting Hit by Cars? Go to This Rally.

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Taking steps to end pedestrian deaths
But be sure to look all ways before crossing the street to get there or else ...

A bunch of community groups, including Walk SF and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, are planning to rally outside City Hall tomorrow afternoon to make noise about the out-of-control pedestrian collisions as of late.

The rally will take place at noon, an hour before the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency board meets. The walking and cycling populations in San Francisco are urging the city to sign off on a "Vision Zero" plan which sets the ambitious goal of eliminating pedestrian fatalities in 10 years.

The groups are hopeful the city will accomplish this with more police enforcement in high-traffic areas, more pedestrian safety improvements, and driver education courses for commercials drivers, to name a few.

Pedestrian safety has been in the headlines as of late after a spate of fatalities and pedestrian injuries, including the death of 6-year-old Sofia Liu who was hit by an Uber driver on New Year's Eve.

According to Walk SF, last year had a record number of people killed while walking and biking, including 21 pedestrians and four bicyclists who were killed That's the highest number since 2007.

Police confirmed that 167 people were hit by cars or bikes between Dec. 31, 2013 and Jan. 12.

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And don't forget bicyclist, who respect no one but themselves.

rmajora topcommenter

You don't have to rely on Walk SF for the numbers, Erin. You can find them in the MTA's Collision Report (

But even those numbers are now in doubt, since the UC Study ( that SF Weekly, like every other publication in the city, has been ignoring found that the city has been relying on only police reports to count injury accidents to cyclists while ignoring many such accidents recorded at SF General Hospital, the city's primary trauma center.

The question now is, Has the city similarly ignored and under-counted accidents to pedestrians and others using this flawed methodology?

Becca Litke
Becca Litke

I'm tired of getting almost hit by bicyclists in the crosswalk and on the sidewalks.

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