Muni Rider Impersonates Cop to Get Free Bus Rides

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Muni passenger
Oh, the incredibly dumb ass things people will do to skip out on their $2 Muni fare.

A desperate Muni rider was arrested earlier this week after he got busted not just evading his bus fare, but impersonating an officer so that he could evade his bus fare.

The incident happened on Jan. 7 near Silver and San Bruno streets. Two cops inspecting Muni fares asked the suspect for his fare receipt. When he wasn't able to provide it, the cops asked for his identification.

At that point, the suspect showed them his Department of Corrections Sergeants badge. And as you may or may not know, one of the many perks to being a cops is free rides on transit.

When the curious cops inquired further, asking for the "sergeant" to produce his official peace officer identification, the suspect was stumped.

The cops went ahead and detained the impostor, who asked police if he could use the bathroom quickly. The cops permitted him to use the powder room, where he proceeded to flush the police badge down the toilet.

The police identified the faux cop as 55-year-old Norman Tanner, a San Francisco resident. He was arrested on suspicion of fare evasion, impersonating a peace officer, and willfully destroying an item about to be produced as evidence, according to police.

Tanner reportedly admitted to San Francisco police that he had purchased the badge from some shady person on the street and had been using it to get his free Muni rides, Officer Gordon Shyy tells us.

"During the course of this open and active investigation, police will attempt to determine exactly how many times he used the badge to evade fares,"Shyy says

Alas, the "sergeant" eventually got his free ride -- to jail.

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mblaircheney topcommenter

Nobody impersonates the criminal class to harass riders of Muni.

Yet, someone pretending to be law enforcement, gets found out and shown the door.

What's wrong with this picture. I would rather have a phony cop than no cop at all. Even if it allowed a driver the false sense of security, defusing a bad situation by advising miscreants that their behavior is being watched.

I say free rides to anyone who wants to play police, far worse things on Muni to worry about.

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