Vernon Davis: News of 49er Being Tackled By His Penis Reaches Australia

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In the past few years, it has become harder and harder to deny the connection between the violent nature of football and its participants' sadly youthful decline into Wheatena-eating invalids.

And yet, yesterday's 49ers victory introduced us to a reason to be thankful for future football-related memory loss. Namely, the ghastly spectacle of San Francisco 49ers star tight end Vernon Davis being hauled down, blatantly, by his genitalia.

News of the unorthodox tackle has spread far and wide -- and led to many awful puns. Perhaps the best/worst pun, and furthest dissemination of the incident (that was also a pun) hails from Australia, where the headline to a Herald Sun piece reads: "San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis left wincing after tackle gets tackled."

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That's a humbling pun the Australians have crafted, but the opportunity for cheap humor at Davis' expense is a transcontinental experience. So, here's our go.

Davis recently agreed to forego 10 percent of his future "brand income" in exchange for a $4 million lump sum from the tech startup Fantex; shares will be sold in an actual Vernon Davis IPO, which will determine the pass-catcher's net worth.

Wait for it, wait for it ...

Vernon Davis just lost 10 percent of his "net worth" right there.

And, finally, Australians watching the above clip of Davis' unfortunate afternoon might well be induced to state "That's not a tackle -- that's a tackle:"

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Tara Hoyt
Tara Hoyt

Dude!! He didnt even buy him a drink first!! Rude!!

Scott Ling
Scott Ling

Checking to see if Vernon Davis' initials stand for something else...

Jim Yu
Jim Yu

Perhaps the defender was checking him for "crabs"?

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