Uber Explains How to Not Get Gouged By Uber This New Year's Eve

Travis Kalanick dispensing pro-tips.
Given the slew of complaints about Uber's surge pricing during DreamForce -- when fares climbed as high as $45 for a trip downtown -- the company had little choice but to tackle the issue in its latest charm offensive.

Surge pricing isn't going anywhere. The combination of inclement weather, back-to-back holidays, and downtown carousing has just been too lucrative for Uber to pass up. Not to mention the technology startup is committed to its free-market ethos, which favors pure supply-and-demand economics.

Yet, as a sort of palliative, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick offered a few "pro-tips" for riders who want to dodge the high prices this New Year's Eve.

Here he is, breaking it down:

Uber Pro Tips for New Year's Eve from Uber on Vimeo.

There's a nice bit of practical advice in there -- for consumers to avoid taking Uber at the time they'd logically need it. (The $415 tab that Jessica Seinfeld paid to have her kids squired from a Bar Mitzvah to a sleepover has already become a symbol of tech start-up iniquity.)

But, as beloved Silicon Valley watchdog Sam Biddle put it, the real take-away is that Uber's pricing schemes are "so problematic that they require an instructional video on how to avoid them."

A cynic might also view this pricing primer -- which Uber fire-hosed into the inboxes of various tech journalists this morning -- as a shield against all the complaints that will inevitably come on January 1st. Which might just be the dawn of another profitable year for Uber.

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I really don't understand why some people are so against Lyft and Uber services when they are cheaper alternatives to taxis. Using Lyft myself, I truly see value in the whole ridesharing program. And if you use the promo code THEROW2 on your Lyft app you can even get a free $20 in Lyft driving credits wherever you want to go and hopefully see what I mean and get a little perspective :)

Courtney Kendall
Courtney Kendall

Ben House This doesn't count as coordinating (FYI). But let's totally leave by 7:45, say hi, drink a few and leave at 12:07.

Crispin Mccabe
Crispin Mccabe

Have one idea about how not to get gouged by Uber, don't take an Uber.

Gary Dale Robertson
Gary Dale Robertson

That dude looks like Alec Baldwin and Eddie Munster had a toothless child

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