New Dating Site Uses Facial Recognition Software To Help You Find Love

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In retrospect, what a waste of time.
There's an old joke that says many people who use dating sites aren't actually looking for someone new -- they just want to date the same person over and over again.

How else would you get Craigslist ads with such exquisite detail? Wanted: "Leggy brunette with foot fetish, predilection for French cooking, and ability to quote Sartre." Or: "Toad King seeks Toad Queen."

Now, thanks to a new Los-Angeles-based dating service that just launched in San Francisco, you don't even have to find that next match yourself -- technology will do it for you.

Dubbed Three Day Rule, this new, marvelous piece of whiz-bang romance gadgetry pairs "innovative facial recognition technology with old-school intuition." Don't worry, it's not that complicated.

Users submit a laundry list of personal stats (height, weight, income, education level, marital status, Myers-Briggs personality-type, Zodiac sign, and whatever else seems germane), along with photos of their exes (!). The computer then tries to discern patterns and create some kind of taste profile. Really it's not that different from the algorithms that OkCupid uses, except there's more of an emphasis on all your failed relationships of the past.

No need to worry if you have a taxonomy of exes who all look the same. Though we're willing to bet you don't need a dating site, anyway.

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