Stolen Kitten Reunited With Family, Just in Time for Christmas

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Homeward bound
It' a Christmas miracle!

That adorable two-month-old Siamese kitten who was snatched from the city's animal shelter has been found. KTVU delivered the great news this morning, saying the stolen kitty, who goes by Arizona, is headed back home with her adopted family, and is reportedly looking forward to seeing what's under the tree.

Deb Campbell, spokeswoman for the San Francisco Animal Care & Control, told the news station that a hotel manager found Arizona after recognizing her from news reports. He called the shelter and the cat is waiting to be returned to her happy family.

On Thursday, the newly adopted kitten was waiting to be spayed at the shelter before heading home with her new family when she was stolen. The Animal Care & Control released video surveillance showing two women who were at the scene of the catnapping.

Here they are:

If anyone has information about this incident, they are also encouraged to call Animal Care & Control's emergency dispatch line at 554-9400 right this minute.

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Mel Greene
Mel Greene

What happened to the two fat ass Cunts who stole her? How was she returned if not by them?

Erik De Las Armas
Erik De Las Armas

What kind of dumbass news is this!?!?!?!? Of all the other WAY MORE IMPORTANT things going on? Lol fuck that stupid cat

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