Snow in San Francisco. Sort of.

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Joe Eskenazi
Here's how it looked in 2011 -- when, frankly, we had a better camera
You can see crazy things at San Francisco City Hall every day, be they wedding parties in matching tangerine outfits and big heels clomping through the metal detectors or men crooning incessantly during public meetings.

But today is special. Today -- there's snow.

Snow in this city is something of a five-leafed clover. Even the possibility of a light dusting of the stuff -- a natural dousing in cigarette ash, really --  is a big-time news circus.

But, every year, City Hall is doused in snow. Tons of it. But there's a caveat.

This is just the frosty decor for the annual San Francisco Consular Corps Christmas soiree. And this snow came with a price.

As in years past, the snow was provided by Arctic Glacier ice of Fremont. And, as in years past, 20 tons of ice was crushed to provide the lily white, frozen garnish.

This was a $5,546 expenditure -- and not a public one.

Two years ago, your humble narrator was told this was a job requiring 60 to 90 minutes -- and costing only around $5,000. The price of ice, it seems, was hardly frozen.

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