Sasha Fleischman: Teen Lit on Fire Speaks to Reporters About Gender Identity (Video)

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screen-grab via ABC News
Sasha Fleishman is home
We don't know many people who are ecstatic about Mondays. In fact, 18-year-old Sasha Fleischman might be the one and only.

But the Maybeck High School senior has great reason to be feeling thankful about Monday: It's Sasha's first day back at school since the teen was lit on fire while riding the bus in Oakland last month.

On Nov. 5, Sasha, who neither identifies as male or female, fell asleep while riding the 57-bus in Oakland. Another passenger lit the teen's skirt on fire, which spread to Sasha's legs, leaving second and third-degree burns.

Police later arrested 16-year-old Richard Thomas, accusing the Oakland High School teen of the attack. Police say Thomas told them he started the fire because he's homophobic, but his attorney argued that it was a prank, not a hate crime. Still, prosecutors have charged Thomas with a hate crime and plan to try him as an adult.

After spending several weeks in the hospital, which included multiple skin grafting surgeries, Sasha returned home last week, just in time for a vegan Thanksgiving. ABC News caught up with the agender teen, who plans to use this incident as a chance to teach people about gender identity issues.

Watch this interview with Sasha:

Welcome home, Sasha.

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give me a beak here, not male or female? our youth today have way to much time on their hands. get a clue and join the human race. 

Evil-Evangeline Hall DelBono
Evil-Evangeline Hall DelBono

You go Kid! Makes me happy to know there are kids out there who are willing to be true to themselves. I maybe a no one to you, but I am someone in your corner. I am looking forward to seeing what good you do with all the $ that was raised for you. GO GET EM!

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