San Francisco Turns Christmas Into Renewable Energy

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Just think of how many iPods this could charge
San Francisco might be batshit crazy, but we're definitely not stupid.

The point being this: We take renewable energy as seriously as we take mistletoe drones.

So starting this week, San Francisco's Recology will begin collecting your used and sad Christmas trees which will be recycled and reused to power all those unnecessary gadgets you got for Christmas.

All you have to do is undecorate your Christmas tree and place it on the curb next to your recycling bins on trash pickup days from Jan. 2 to Jan. 15. Trash collectors will pickup the trees and haul them down to Tracy where the evergreens will be used as boiler fuel to create electricity, KTVU reports.

The whole point is to keep you from dumping your tree on your neighbors lawn or worse -- attempting to compost it or burn it to keep warm. But since it's not even really that cold out, you won't be needing that tree for firewood.

In any event, here's your schedule (click to expand):


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