San Francisco Cat Killer: Cops Release Video of Suspect Who Tossed Woman's Cats Into the Bay

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screen-grab via CBS News
This guy
Authorities have released some video footage of the man who they believe grabbed a woman's cat carriers and tossed them into the San Francisco Bay, killing both the pet felines.

CBS News got a hold of the surveillance video, which shows the suspect, who has been dubbed "The San Francisco Cat Killer," leaving a hotel on the Embarcadero. Authorities believe he is still in the area.

On Monday, someone who saw the news called Animal Care & Control, claiming they had seen the suspect near the Embarcadero that day. Officers responded to the scene, but the suspect was not there when they arrived, according to the news station.

On Nov. 25, the victim, who locals call "The Cat Lady," was walking along the Embarcadero with some bags and her two cats who were in carriers when an unknown man walked up to her, grabbed the kitties and hurled them into the water near Pier 14.

Police sent a boat out into the water where they found one dead cat The second cat was never recovered.

"We've canvassed the Embarcadero area, also went into the Tenderloin, the Glide Memorial and Saint Anthony's kitchen to see if he was actually up there. So far nothing's turned up so we are still out looking for him," Captain Le-Ellis Brown of Animal Care & Control, told CBS News.

Here's the video:

If you see this guy, call the cops ASAP at 575-4444.

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Mel Greene
Mel Greene

Castrate his ass & then give him life in prison so he can get butt fucked to death.

Beryl Compton
Beryl Compton

Lock him in a cage and throw him in the Bay..

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