Prepare to Freeze Your Cojones Off as the Bay Area Gets Even Colder Tonight

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Okay, maybe we're being dramatic ...
Yes, it's time to break out that thermal underwear. It's going to be freezing tonight, the kind of cold that'll cut right through your San Francisco hoodies.

The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning for the San Francisco Bay Area starting tonight at 9 p.m. through 9 a.m. on Friday. Temperatures will drop to 30 degrees along the coast and hit the 20s and 30s inland over the next few days.

What we're trying to say is: cover your outdoor pipes and plants, then get inside and cover yourself with a blanket -- or four.

In San Francisco, it will be both cold and wet by Friday. According to the National Weather Service, rain is likely to fall after 4 p.m. and temperatures will drop to 43 degrees by Friday night.



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It's consistently 62-65f at night and 72-80f daytime in Boquete, Panama all year.  

Sooooooo glad I bailed that shit hole state (California) years ago. 

Jeremy Baker
Jeremy Baker

Need RAIN desperately. The streets need a wash.

Matt Cradic
Matt Cradic

You vages it -7 here with a -31 degree wind chill suck it up that's still shorts whether for most

Dave Rider
Dave Rider

I think the temp has to drop below 32f to actually freeze...

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