Paulo Netto: Missing Brazilian Man Identified as Body Washed up by McCovey Cove Last Month

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Paulo Netto
Medical authorities this morning said that the body found washed up near Pier 48 last month was that of Paulo Netto, the missing Brazilian man who had made a frantic phone call to his sister before he disappeared.

After more than a month of DNA testing, the San Francisco medical examiner this morning confirmed to SF Weekly that it was Netto's body, however, they would not say how he died.

Netto, 22, had recently moved from Brazil to Los Angeles and was visiting San Francisco on the weekend of Oct. 25 to check out the art schools here. On Oct 28, Netto made a frantic call to his sister, Ana, in Brazil claiming someone was following him and begged her to call police for help. At the time, he was located on the 500 block of Shotwell Street in the city's Mission District.

When police arrived to that location, they found nobody, and Netto had not been seen or heard from since.

On Halloween night, a man was caught on a surveillance camera at a Mission District McDonald's where he used Netto's credit card to buy food. Netto's sister told media outlets that the man seen in the video was not her brother. Police never determined who the man was.

Both his mother and sister flew to San Francisco where they combed the city looking for Paulo. Police later said that Netto had extended his stay in San Francisco after he apparently met someone. They also said he could have been in an "altered state of mind."

Officer Albie Esparza said police couldn't confirm whether or not this is a homicide case at this time.

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Many young men have gone missing or been murdered in SF recently.  Another guy was found near Alameda awhile back.  Someone is stalking and killing young guys in SF. 

Patty Hines
Patty Hines

I hope they catch the killer. Prayers to the family.

Eugenia WhoDat Polos
Eugenia WhoDat Polos

sad that sf is so far behind on their dna testing that it takes a month to identify....

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