Oakland Gets Ready for New Year's Eve Protest

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Oakland protester making his New Year's resolution
Leave it to Oakland to ring in the New Year with a protest -- or two.

East Bay revelers, be warned: We just got word from the City Attorney's Office that there will be a great deal of marching and chanting starting today as Occupy Oakland and others plan to take to the streets for yet another demonstration.

According to Oakland's City Administrator Deanna J. Santana, Occupy Oakland is hosting a "unpermitted demonstration" on New Year's Eve which includes a march from Frank H. Ogawa Plaza (AKA the Oscar Grant Plaza) to the North County Jail on Seventh Street.

It won't be a quiet demonstration, as protesters have asked participants to "Bring friends, noisemakers, fireworks."

Assuming the "party" doesn't go on all night, the same crew of protesters will wake up the following day and head down to the Fruitvale BART station for a 12 p.m. rally and vigil, marking the fifth year since a BART cop shot Oscar Grant to death on the BART platform.

No need to panic and change your New Year's plans: The city is prepping for the expected (and the unexpected) by adding a lot more cops to the streets.

Here's what the city has to say about all this:

Keeping peace on our streets and protecting the safety of Oakland residents and businesses is our top priority. Although we don't anticipate problems to occur, in the event that the demonstrations become unlawful, the Oakland Police Department is prepared to swiftly address any criminal behavior that would damage property or jeopardize the safety of the public or police officers. Individuals engaging in such behavior are subject to arrest and prosecution.

What you do need to worry about is traffic in downtown Oakland. Officials warn that trying to get from Point A to Point B will probably be extra annoying tomorrow night as the group marches through the streets at peak party time (9:30 p.m.). You can always call 511 to get the latest updates on your traffic headache.

If you see illegal happenings, call OPD's anonymous toll-free tip hotline at (855) TIPS-247 (855-847-7247), or Text "TIP" to OAKLANDPD to 888777. If you're really in the thick of it and just so happen to snap photos, you can send those over to the city via email (and us, too!).

And alas, some safety tips for those of you who actually like leaving your house on New Year's Eve:

  • Stay tuned to local TV and radio stations for information;
  • Park your car in a secure, off-street location;
  • Remove or secure trash receptacles, because garbage is actually good ammunition;
  • Keep your business well lit;
  • If you have a closed-circuit TV system, make sure it works. Oh, and don't forget to turn it on. Save any and all recordings of crime;
  • Make sure your building has quality locks on the doors and windows -- deadbolt locks are a must for exterior doors;
  • All exterior doors with a gap should be covered with a steel plate to prevent the door from being pried open;
  • Leave the cash drawer empty and open after business hours;

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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Neesa L Johnson
Neesa L Johnson

where is that thumbs down FB keeps promising? This story is not representative of the upset residents of Oakland that are tired of not being heard


What you need to look out for is the cops.  OPD and the BART police are the most dangerous and heavily armed gangs in Oakland.  They're killers.  Be careful of them tonight!

Enlightin Won
Enlightin Won

many of the participants in this protest are anti police brutality groups representing young unarmed black men killed in Oakland by the police. I have no problem with the outside agitator theory and criticism but who else is taking the stand for those crimes? because I am sure people would go to that event too if it was scheduled.

Conor Malcolm Crockford
Conor Malcolm Crockford

why is the magazine taking the side of a police department famous for brutality, blatant discrimination, and incompetence?

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