Nude Wedding: The Bride Will Not Be Wearing White -- or Anything Else

Needless to say, they're not registered at Nordstrom Rack
Wedding bells will ring on Thursday for Gypsy Taub, 44, and Jaymz Smith, 20. The bride and groom had no qualms about selecting their wedding outfits. The couple will be fashionably clad ... in their birthday suits when they tie the knot at 12 p.m. in front of San Francisco City Hall.

And while she will be stark naked, the bride will not be blushing.
Oxane "Gypsy" Taub has gained quite a bit of notoriety for her involvement in the Body Freedom Movement. Her convictions are transparent: war is obscene, the human body is not. To that end, she is one of several plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit challenging San Francisco's ban on public nudity. Taub has participated in plenty of "nude-ins" in San Francisco (if you live in the Castro, you've definitely seen her boobs).
Will Jaymz Smith join his fiance at the altar, or in a paddy wagon?

Some have criticized the Berkeley resident for not waging her campaign in her own neighborhood, which, incidentally, also bans public nudity. So Taub explained her rationale for dropping trou on our side of the Bay Bridge.

"I happen to think outside of my zip code," she told SF Weekly. "I'm a citizen of the planet, of the universe. I don't constrain myself to unofficial boundaries."

"I have gone swimming naked, and to festivals naked where I wasn't supposed to -- I've done nude activism, wherever I go," Taub added.

But now, this spirited self-ruler is ready to settle down -- naked, of course. When we asked Taub about her much younger beau she laughed affectionately, saying "I don't know, different-aged guys seem to like me."

"Maybe it's because I have a rebellious spirit," she said.

Which is exactly why Taub is turning her happy occasion into yet another protest. "I want to be naked in front of City Hall in defiance of the nudity ban," she told us. "People get naked to make love -- how is that wrong? How is a couple in their most vulnerable state a crime?"

Taub knows that she and Smith will likely get arrested during their marriage ceremony. But that won't stop the loving couple from participating in their own version of eternal bliss. "I'm gonna keep doing it until they stop harassing us," she said. "I believe this is a First Amendment issue. It's about free expression. In a society that glorifies war and criminalizes the body, nudity is political expression."
Speaking their minds.

What's more, she's well aware that parents might be sensitive about this nudity event, especially if they were planning a family trip to City Hall. However, she is using this latest naked fete as a chance to encourage parents to talk to their kids about sex and sexuality.

Provided that the bridal shower doesn't get arrested, Taub's wedding will be followed by a protest march through the streets. Attendees are invited to join the happily unclad couple for a reception at the Center For Sex and Culture at 1349 Mission St.

But before the big day, there will be an engagement party on Sunday, Dec. 15, at Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro. There, the nudists will stage their latest protest rally to decry the ban on bare-skin in public. Come wearing only a smile.

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the picture with  the news is not suitable.,maybe,nudist wedding is cool, are u a nudist? do you wanna try the clothes free lifestyle?

Cary Tracy Pugh
Cary Tracy Pugh

You would think they would prefer a spring or summer wedding.

John Lilly
John Lilly

"I happen to think outside of my zip code" ... Then why not Moraga instead of San Francisco? I think she goes to SF to protest because it's the biggest platform for her ego parade.

Anni Yang
Anni Yang

Umm, she's old enough to be his mom! She robbed the cradle for sure! She prbly chose to go nude to compete with the 20 yr old!

Max Bakker
Max Bakker

Nothing new typical Betazoid nuptial.


Wow!  What an enlightening and insightful comment!  This really adds to the discussion.  Thank you for your amazing contribution!

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