Did You See This Mistletoe Drone Fly Over Union Square?

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Leave it to San Francisco to techify Christmas tradition.

Earlier this week, a mistletoe drone descended upon San Francisco's Union Square, delighting shoppers as it hovered over unsuspecting lovers.

Artists George Zisiadis and Mustafa Khan created the nerdy mistletoe using a Parrot AR Drone 2.0. As the duo explained to the Bold Italic, they simply wanted to show people how scary drones aren't.

Drones have been causing all sorts of paranoia lately and I wanted to re-frame them from being something scary and ominous to being fun and human -- It's not about the technology, its about how we use it.

Now watch the mistletoe drone victimize San Franciscans:

And, no this isn't some kind of "War on Christmas" thing.

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Adam Detrick Rogers
Adam Detrick Rogers

You know what would be cute... throwing a rock at the drone and watching it fall to the ground...;)

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