Poll: Majority of Californians Want To Release Marijuana Offenders From Prison

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We're down -- so what're we waiting for?
With every new poll showing a majority of people supporting marijuana legalization, marijuana news is treading dangerously close to "dog bites man" territory.

It would almost be more noteworthy if Tuesday's Field Poll showed a majority among Californians in support of keeping cannabis illegal. But it doesn't. Though other polls released this fall showed over 60 percent of California voters in favor of ending marijuana prohibition, Field revealed something more radical: over half of voters are in favor of letting all nonviolent marijuana offenders out of jail.

That's what the California Cannabis and Hemp Initiative (CCHI 2014), which polled at 56 percent in favor, promises to do.

As has been a theme, opponents to legalization come from a select few places: Latinos are only 46 percent in favor, less than any other race, and voters in the Central Valley are at a lukewarm 50 percent in favor. Those with a high school education or less are also least likely to support legalization, with 39 percent in favor.

The drug war is quickly becoming a polemical issue. One of the poll's most striking revelations is that almost one-third of voters feel that marijuana laws are fine -- and some 14 percent of voters think current laws don't go far enough and favor stricter penalties.

That's odd -- and surely in diametric opposition to the initiative voters were asked their feelings on, which is by far the most radical of the three possible legalization efforts circulating before voters.

As we observed today in Chem Tales, the only thing that appears to be holding back the marijuana legalization movement is money.

Positive polling like this could unlock the interest -- and the $10 million or so needed to stage, run, and win a statewide campaign -- from the interested billionaires, but they're not likely to back something as wild as emptying the state's prisons of nonviolent drug offenders. Though it is nice to dream.

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All Californians should vote to pass this Jack Herer hemp & cannabis initiative into law to create jobs and provide desperately needed tax revenue for the state in 2014!


This is just one aspect of Jack Herer's Initiative that sets it way above other initiatives out there.  It realistically  addresses taxation (10% limit) and licensing fees ($1000 instead of whatever's cleaver, like $150,000 or $2 million)...it allows the "trillion dollar" hemp crop as well as the $60 billion dollar medical crop to be grown by anyone with basic business skills...not just big corporations and "collectives". 

20 years of studying these issues and the CCHI2014 initiative is the only ballot initiative that I can get behind.  It's just SO much better, like legal poetry by a master, all designed to protect the average Herbalists for any and all systematic abuses. 

We have 40 days left in California to get this Initiative passed, enough time if 1 in 10 we're to step up and do amateur job collecting signatures and funds. 

Come on Cali...if we're going to do this, let's do it RIGHT!  CCHI2014.org 

BreakingGood in 2014!  

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