Kurt Dalen, Pedestrian Identified in Hit-And-Run Accident, Dies

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Kurt Dalen was hit by a car and killed while walking in San Francisco
Sad news this morning. The pedestrian who was struck Thursday morning in a hit-and run-accident has died. Medical authorities this morning identified the victim as 30-year-old Kurt Dalen, a San Francisco resident.

Dalen was walking along Valencia and Clinton Park at about 2:44 a.m. on Thursday when a dark-colored sedan hit him and sped off southbound on Valencia.

Dalen was taken to San Francisco General Hospital with a massive head wound. He died later that day, according to police.

Police have combed the crime scene, looking for clues, but have yet to locate the driver.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call San Francisco police at 575-4444 or you can text in your tip to TIP411, just put SFPD at the start of the message.

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Julie PurpleSkater Hall
Julie PurpleSkater Hall

As a pedestrian, a skater, and also a driver, the most blaring problem I see with all of this is how DARK SF's streets are. The light thrown off by the street lamps is puny, yellowish, anemic at best. I drive extremely carefully at night in the city, but still have had close calls with people who appeared out of nowhere from the shadows. As a pedestrian or a skater, you have to constantly remind yourself that THEY CAN'T SEE YOU. Walking the sidewalks at night is downright spooky, and almost requires a flashlight.

Anne-Marie Dumaresq
Anne-Marie Dumaresq

Another tragedy. :( I'm from Canada and one of the cities I've lived in, had a "Walk" button which when pushed activated bright flashing, yellow lights over EVERY pedestrian crosswalk... Here in Berkeley, the streets are pitch black, making it terrifyingly hard to see pedestrians, who often just assume they are going to be seen and step right out. O.o

Rob Cotton
Rob Cotton

i was almost hit by an SUV the other night crossing the street in a crosswalk - a lot of the drivers in this city are in way too much of a hurry and have a complete and total disregard for anything happening outside their metal death machines.

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