Injured Pup Found Abandoned at City Garbage Dump

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Animal Care & Control
Sweet Gem
San Francisco animal authorities are trying to figure out how an injured 10-week-old puppy ended up in a Recology truck and inadvertently tossed at the city's dump among a heap of garbage.

According to Deb Campbell, spokeswoman for the city's Animal Care & Control, the puppy, an apricot poodle named Gem, had been unloaded from a collection truck with mounds of trash; Recology workers found the dog on the conveyer belt with bottles, cans, and other recyclables.

The pup was conscious and alert, but badly injured.

"Gem has what appear to be numerous bite marks around her neck, head and ears, lameness in her hind legs, and discharge from her eyes and ears," Campbell says. "Veterinary staff believes she sustained most of her injuries before ending up at the recycling center."

Animal Control officers are hoping to find out who Gem belongs to, how she ended up on a Recology truck, and whether any individual is responsible for her condition. Anyone with information is asked to call Animal Care & Control at 554-9400.

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Dawne Santopietro
Dawne Santopietro

Prayers and love. Hope his wounds heal quickly, and the wounds in his heart even more quickly. Love can do that, so someone Give him his forever love.

Kevin Kirby
Kevin Kirby

They see the kind of people out there now and still wonder about this stuff?

Mel Greene
Mel Greene

The asshole who did this deserved jail time & lots of it. Cut his nuts off first, then let him spend many house getting fucked by a 500 lb. lifer in prison.

Erika Hattenhauer-Lovlien
Erika Hattenhauer-Lovlien

It boggles my mind that humans think animals are disposable and anyone could be so horrible. If you don't want your pet, at least get it to the SPCA. And Santa should leave coal and a poke in the eye with a sharp stick for the moron who did this.

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