Guerrilla Christmas Tree Disappears From Upper Haight (Update)

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Incidentally, the Haight does kinda resemble Whoville
Update: Rachel Gordon, spokeswoman with the Department of Public Works, confirmed with SF Weekly that they removed the tree, at the request of the property owner. "We took it down yesterday afternoon," Gordon said. "It's a hazard -- if something is on the sidewalk without the [property] owner's permission, they can get it taken down."

The tree was held for a day, then presumably composted, Gordon added.

Original Story: And here you thought you were an Ebenezer Scrooge.

It appears that a grouchy someone has removed the guerrilla Christmas tree that cheers the Upper Haight neighborhood every year around the holidays. We first spotted the tree on SFCitizen, which lead us to the Uppercasing's blog post about how the tree had disappeared overnight.

Per the Uppercasing:

Every year, Fast Eddit, an old-guard Grateful Dead hippie, puts up a tree, and community members donate ornaments, cards and other Christmas ephemera to make it extra festive. This year, instead of being in front of Ben & Jerry's, it went up at the opposite corner on the north side of Haight, in front of the t-shirt shop. It appeared on Monday morning as if by magic, and collected decorations for a few days. We heard a rumor that building owner Norm Larson wanted the tree taken down, and was taking steps to have it removed by the city.

We contacted the city's Public Works Department to find out exactly which government Grinch has stolen the Upper Haight's Christmas. We'll keep you posted on this bah humbug of an event.

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