Facebook: San Francisco Library Wants You to 'Like' It

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Big ups for literacy!
Neatly pivoting from the Christmas Season to the season yet to come, the San Francisco Public Library is asking visitors to its website to make it their New Year's resolution to "like" the library on Facebook.

One of the side benefits of the Internet is that it has vastly streamlined the notion of "it was the least I could do." Liking the library on Facebook is, really, the least you can do. So, by all means, "like" the library on Facebook.

The library is currently hovering at around 12,000 "likes." That feels like about one for every copy of Zeitoun.

So, again, "like " the library if you "like" things like literacy and knowledge and public, equal access to both. But don't stop there. Give the thumbs-up to all the following:

Happy liking.

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ben09 topcommenter

Hard to know where this particular nonstory is on the list of completely banal things that Joe found endlessly fascinating this year. There's a lot of competition:

* Snow is not forecast for San Francisco this year (Dec 24)

* Coinstar exists (Nov 26)

* Some Google Shopping Express deliveries were briefly delayed (Jun 27)

* A clock is broken (Jun 3)

* Costco has a display item on display (Apr 24)

aliasetc topcommenter

I don't do Facefuck, but if I did I would most certainly give the library a thumbs up.

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