CCSF: City Attorney Dennis Herrera to Spar with State Accrediting Commission Thursday

Dennis Herrera hitting the books.
Our ever politically astute city attorney is gearing up for another round with the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, six months after the private agency voted to revoke accreditation for City College of San Francisco, potentially leaving 85,000 students in the lurch.

Dennis Herrera has waged a high-energy legal offense against the Accrediting Commission ever since news of the termination proceedings first broke. In August, he filed a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court, alleging that the 19 commissioners had a political vendetta against the school.

When members of the California Federation of Teachers filed their own complaint against the commission in April, they accused the commissioners of "issuing sanctions at a rate hugely out of proportion to other regional accreditation agencies." In essence, they charged, the agency was not only vindictive, but drunk with power.

Last month, Herrera sought a preliminary injunction to halt the termination process. He insists that the Accrediting Commission's legal strategy was to "run out the clock" and score a de facto win. To that end, it ignored discovery requests and waited a month before asking a judge to remand the case to district court -- on grounds the judge ultimately rejected. He'll argue that motion in San Francisco Superior Court at 9 a.m. this Thursday.

Herrera will gain a significant edge if the motion is granted, given that it would prevent the Commission from de-accrediting City College until the end of the case. It would also presage a likely win for the City Attorney -- and the 85,000 students -- if the case goes to trial.

He was quick to note both prospects in a press release issued this morning.

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Anyone who gives the ACCJC any credit is, well, simply out of it. As many have already said, the ACCJC is a rogue bureaucracy that itself wastes enormous sums to enable itself to do things like attend conferences at the Ritz Carlton, South Lake Tahoe. Is the absurdity in this clip from City Watch  not obvious "after an unusual conversation with ACCJC president Beno in May 2013. Mandelman says he ran into Beno at a community college trustees conference held at the Ritz-Carlton in Lake Tahoe. "  As the Community Colleges wrestle with budgets and CCSF fights for life, is it supposed to be reassuring that the California taxpayer can send these flip flops to the Ritz? Go Dennis Herrera. Expose 

all of these  wasteful, phony agencies ( ACE, WASC, etc.) for  what they are. 

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