Beware, Drunks: The Cops Will Be Out to Get You This Weekend

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If your wine glass is bigger than you, best you don't drive
If you can't handle last-minute Christmas shopping without an unacceptable amount of alcohol in your system, then best you stick to Internet shopping.

For starters, it will keep you from driving wasted. Also, you never know what kind of insane gifts you'll end up buying your family when left alone with alcohol and the Internet. (send us photos,please).

Yes, this is your warning. The San Francisco police -- and many other cops -- will be crowding the streets and highways starting tomorrow night, plucking drunks from the roads so the rest of us can enjoy Christmas with the family.

Per the SFPD:

We are in the middle of the holiday season with many events in San Francisco, but if history repeats... drunk or drugged driving crashes will rise when reckless drivers take to the roadways impaired. Friends and families will gather for celebrations throughout the holiday season, often with alcohol. Law enforcement is reminding everyone to make plans now for those weekend trips and partying. Make sure to use a 'Designated Sober Driver' to prevent arrest or worse, a deadly driving tragedy.

The first DUI/driver's license checkpoint will be Friday, from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m; the checkpoints will start up again on Saturday, from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.

So what should you do? Here's some advice from the cops:

Plan ahead: Arrange rides home for your friends, family, co-workers, and yourself before hitting the bottle.

Limit Drinks: If you're hosting celebrations, then don't get your party guests hammered. Don't serve more than one or two over several hours.

Provide non-alcoholic drinks: This is a great option for the designated Sober driver. There are some nice mocktail recipes out there, concocted by law enforcement. Those drinks will taste even better if they're free.

Food: Duh. It helps soak up alcohol.

If all else fails, and you see dangerous drivers out there, call 911.

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Ken Louie
Ken Louie

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Nathan Codd
Nathan Codd

Saw a checkpoint at 10 and FOlsom last night expect more

aliasetc topcommenter

Yeah, don't drive drunk past a donut shop

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