Cold Snap to Chill the Bay Area

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Why don't you ever listen to us?
Hopefully, you ate your own weight in Thanksgiving grub this past week, because you will need the extra layers of fat to keep warm when the chilly temperatures drop to levels that are foreign to us.

In other words, get ready for really cold weather.

A cold front will sweep across the Bay Area tomorrow morning bringing strong winds and chilly days ahead, according to the National Weather Service. So bundle up in your sporty winter coat (if it still fits). Starting tonight, high winds are expected to reach 40 mph, blowing along the coast and in the hills. The windstorm will continue all day Tuesday bringing with it a slight chance of rain.

Which reminds us: Watch out for falling branches and downed power lines.

After the winds breeze through the Bay Area Tuesday night, it'll only get worse, meaning don't expect the warm fall weather you've enjoyed up until now. Temperatures will drop to below freezing along the coastal areas for a few hours just before sunrise all week long. For everyone living inland, consider wearing your Snuggie to work as the thermostat will linger around the mid-20s overnight through the morning. If you can, may we suggest playing hookey and spending the day under the covers.

Note to drivers: the roads could get icy so drive safely and stay alert (don't text!). Uncovered pipes could freeze and burst, and your precious plants might die unless you remember to cover them up. Protect your animals from the cold -- bring your dogs, cats and other furry friends indoors, and yes, you should absolutely get them tiny name brand coats, because they're adorable and it'll help the economy.

People who call the outdoors their home should definitely prepare for some arctic sleep. Seek shelter if possible, as the risk of hypothermia will be pretty high.

Of course, our favorite advice: Find someone naked to sleep next to, because human bodies generate the most heat.

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Craig M Sharrow
Craig M Sharrow

Yesterday morning it was 39 with frost on roofs. today, t's 49. how is colder being defined?

Jon Thirlby
Jon Thirlby

Great choice of shot, love that film!

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