BART Police to Escort Holiday Shoppers, Help Them Not Get Robbed

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You know who else wants that new iPad? The guy coming up behind you.
As many of you will say, the holidays aren't all eggnog shots and mistletoe hookups. It can also be both depressing and scary -- in that order.

It's especially depressing and scary if you are relying on BART instead of to do your Christmas shopping. No need to freak out -- BART cops are teaming up with Oakland and San Leandro police to man some East Bay BART stations that are "popular" (aka: super shady) and escort all you last-minute shoppers to your cars.

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The safety escorts will be out on Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Fruitvale, West Oakland, and Bay Fair stations.

"Those who want to be escorted to their car need only to look for officers in uniform or PD cadets and explorers, problem solving officers, police service technicians or volunteers wearing yellow safety vests," according to BART.

The safety escorts will accompany BART riders/heavy consumers to their cars parked within a three-block radius of the three stations. At West Oakland Station, there will also be two designated patrol vehicles to provide rides to those who really don't want to walk in the dark.

And while they're at it, the cops will hand out safety materials with all kinds of tips that'll help protect you and all your presents.

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Marc Combs
Marc Combs

don't use Bart & don't shop in the city !!! never leave your house !! use the internet !!!

Maurice Rivers
Maurice Rivers

Or better for the many drones out there: stop walking around with your smartphone out and looking down, checking a Facebook status that really isn't that important.


Better yet- bait the P.O.S.'s w/ Apple bags then hold public beheadings. A few of those should do the trick.

Jeremy Baker
Jeremy Baker

It's ridiculous that we even need something like this. Truly third world country.

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