Here Are BART's 15 Most Outrageous and Unforgettable Moments of 2013

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2013 was a wild ride
As much as we bag on BART, every once in a while we have to stop and appreciate the one reliable service it does give us: 'round the clock entertainment.

Perhaps for us BART riders, 2013 was the year of not making it to work on time -- or at all for that matter. But it was also the year that we got to witness the loony and the unthinkable on our train trek to work.

But of all those moments we can't unsee, there are 15 BART-related stories that left an indelible mark on 2013:

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15: BART passenger zaps other BART passenger with stun gun. We know what you're thinking: "Why didn't I think of that one first?"

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Evan Raymond
Evan Raymond

scuse me but no mention of multiple times BART has caught fire this year? I almost got cooked like a wienie then smoked like a sausage.

Alejandro Durazo
Alejandro Durazo

No. 1 outrageous moment: Bart goes on strike MULTIPLE times.

Rock Belt
Rock Belt

When you eventually ride the new cars will see why (will be worth it when the time comes).

Arlene Tsang
Arlene Tsang

Now we all have to pay 5% more for our Bart tixs & more for parking!

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