Adorable Siamese Kitten Stolen From San Francisco Animal Shelter

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The city's Animal Care & Control needs your help tracking down a two-month-old kitty that was snatched from the city's shelter yesterday afternoon.

The newly adopted kitten was waiting to be spayed before going home for the holidays when someone inside the facility swiped the kitten at about 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Authorities have surveillance videos showing two women who were present at the time of the catnapping.

Here are the videos:

The kitten, whose name is Arizona, is described as having a distinctive Siamese lynx point coat with a dark nose and pale-blue eyes. She weighs about two pounds and is microchipped, which means the shelter can easily verify her identity.

The women pictured in the videos above are urged to contact the shelter right this minute. If anyone has information about the identity of the two women, they are also encouraged to call Animal Care & Control's emergency dispatch line at 554-9400 right this minute.

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This is a bad thing javier105.  The Siamese cat bloodline is doing just fine without people who don't know what they are doing, causing more over-population and homeless animals to be brought into the world.  Neutering cats and dogs can also help prevent cancers and other diseases later in their lives.


This is a good thing! They saved the kitty from being spayed... ensuring the survival of her blood line.

Mel Greene
Mel Greene

Should be easy to find these two fat cows. Jail time for both of their fat asses. Bring the kitten back, she has a new home, YOU tow cows don't deserve a home or a pet.

Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown

ok but if someone wanted the kitten that bad then why wouldnt you just be glad it got a new home? i mean unless you're worried theyre putting it in a sweatshop or eating it for dinner or something

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