San Francisco Therapy Dogs Are Helping Stressed Out Students Prep for Finals

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Shawn Calhoun/ USF.
Katy Yount, a third year law student at USF, gets a free therapy session with "Sophia Loren"
Earlier this week, we introduced you to a pack of therapy dogs stationed at SFO who are there to treat hurried passengers traumatized by the holiday travel season. While those canines do their jobs (and they have their work cut out for them), their co-workers will be down at the University of San Francisco calming stressed out students during finals.

The university is allowing students to check out dogs, the same way they check out library books, over the next few weeks during exam season.

If you're feeling anxious about that science exam, or perhaps you are just looking for another reason to distract yourself and procrastinate, head down to Gleeson Library at USF on Monday, and sign up for a session with a pup who is trained specifically to ease your worries.

During the "therapy sessions," students will get to pet, play, study with, or just chillax with the pooch, giving their cluttered minds a reprieve. And yes, the dogs do tricks.

So how is an adorable dog with zero ability to tutor you in calculus going to help boost your GPA this semester? It won't , but what the certified therapy pup will do is relieve your stress, decrease your heart rate and your blood pressure -- all things you will need to do well on that calculus exam.

The dogs will be available for your procrastinating pleasure on Monday and Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Now get back to studying.

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