California-Bound Man Falls Asleep on Flight, Wakes Up to Dark, Empty Plane

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screen-grab via ABC News
Well rested
If you're anything like us, you're always plenty tired, but never fortunate enough to fall asleep while on a plane, no matter how many pills you pop.

But after reading this man's story, we're feeling a tad lucky that we're never quite relaxed enough while thousands of feet above ground.

ABC News brings us this story of Tom Wagner, a regular dude who was flying from Louisiana to California when he fell asleep on the first leg of the trip to Houston, Texas.

Needless to say, he slept like a rock. The tired man slumbered soundly -- through crying babies, hacking coughs, and yes, his own plane landing.

Sounds like a dream until you get to the next part of this story.

Upon landing at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, he continued to sleep, and strangely enough not one person, including the flight crew, bothered to wake him up and tell him: "hey, time to go."

What happens next is even more bizarre. The flight crew shut off the lights, locked the plane, and left without a peep.

When Wagner woke up, we're guessing he felt like he was in a Stephen King novel -- the plane was cold and pitch black, and Wagner was utterly confused. He made a "frantic" call to his girlfriend who then made a frantic phone call to United Airlines.

About 30 minutes later, United Airlines employees opened up the plane and found the lone passenger, wide awake.

"I said don't put the blame on me. I didn't do anything wrong here. And then they were like try to hush -- hush keep it quiet," Wagner told ABC News.

United Airlines confirmed this insanity really happened and now they're "investigating" to find how an entire plane of people overlooked Wagner.

Here's the best/worst part: Wagner told the news station that he didn't get a refund on his trip, but the airline put him up in a hotel, where he was probably way too freaked out to fall asleep.

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Juan del Real
Juan del Real

It has the makings for an episode of The Twilight Zone. Where is everyone? Did the plane crash? Did everyone get abducted? Is this purgatory?

Mel Greene
Mel Greene

I agree with Robert Scalzi, except I'd get drunk as a skunk first, than call. Next call, an attorney to sue everyone I could. :>)

Robert Scalzi
Robert Scalzi

Raid the Liquor cabinets and if they happened to be locked ?? break in - after several drinks call 911

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