Virgin America to Fly Homeless Chihuahuas to NYC -- In Style

Virgin America
It's that time of the year when the days get shorter, you get lazier, Christmas music is out to get you, and Virgin America flies local Chihuahuas to New York City -- red-carpet style.

Just like last year -- and the year before that -- Virgin America is gathering a plane load of Chihuahuas in San Francisco and shipping them to the Big Apple, where apparently the purse pups are still in high demand. But the dogs won't be treated like any 'ol passenger who shelled out $400 at least to fly economy class.

Nope. The tiny teacup pups will get a bunch of toys and snacks to feast on at the gate while waiting for their plane to depart. When it's time to board, they'll get a red-carpet rollout all the way to the plane, and the royal treatment will continue once seated where they'll have access to all the free Wifi they want. They'll be spoiled with live TV, moodlighting, and "Chi-mosa" cocktails during the nearly six-hour flight.

Before you roll your eyes (again) consider this: Boo, the world's cutest dog, will be there to escort the dogs on their life-changing flight.

We know what you're thinking: WTF??? But really it's for a good cause. Among the other many problems San Francisco faces, an overpopulation of homeless Chihuahuas is one of them. And since you're not adopting them, the city is shipping them to New York City where they'll definitely lead a life of luxury and probably become TV extras.

San Francisco's overpopulation issue has only escalated since 2010; so Virgin America has agreed to its fifth Operation Chihuahua. If you can't be bothered to adopt one of these needy dogs for the fifth year in a row, the least you could do is donate to their cause

In any event, this dog and pony show will take place on Wednesday at 7:15 a.m. at SFO T2 gate. If you can't get up that early to watch the send-off, you can follow the pups' journey via Instagram and Twitter

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