Two People Stabbed Outside San Francisco Hall of Justice

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Two people were rushed to the hospital this afternoon after being stabbed right outside the Hall of Justice -- the same government building that houses the San Francisco Police headquarters.

Officer Gordon Shyy said that at about 3:30 p.m, some cops were in front of the Hall of Justice, located at 850 Bryant, when a stabbing victim flagged them down. The victim was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital and his/her condition is unknown at this time.

As the officers combed the scene for a suspect, a second stabbing victim flagged them down, pointing out the suspect to the cops.

"The suspect brandished a knife and approached the officer," Shyy said. "The officer exercised extreme caution and restraint to not fire upon the suspect that possibly was in crisis."

The suspect was taken into custody without incident, Shyy added.

The second stabbing victim was also rushed to San Francisco General Hospital.

Police would not release the suspect's identity at this time.


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Maurice Trumbo
Maurice Trumbo

Insert obligatory "San Francisco should ban knives" argument

David Hurley
David Hurley

That just leaves me asking "where were the police?"

Ed Lopez
Ed Lopez

And I thought I was safe when I was outside court, I was wrong


Almost seems like it's safer to be "brandishing a knife" around cops these days than a juice box or a pack of Skittles...

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