S.F. Doctor Organizes Awesome Flash Mob Before Double Mastectomy (Must-See Video)

While it was meant to be a fun way to give her strength before undergoing her double mastectomy this week, Deborah Cohan's flash mob video she orchestrated in the operating room has become absolutely the greatest thing we've seen on the Internet as of late.

If you hadn't already noticed, the San Francisco mother's YouTube video started blowing up today -- and for good reason. On Nov. 5, Cohan, who is faculty with the UCSF Medical Center, gathered her surgical team to get down to Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" moments before her operation. She had asked her friends and family to join her in the dance at 7 a.m., wherever they were.

"No one was against it," she told Right This Minute. "In fact, I was more nervous about how the flash mob was going to go than how the surgery was going to go."

A must-see video:

So why did the San Francisco OB/GYN doctor choose this ditty for her pre-surgery preparation? "The song actually chose me," she said. "It has such a good beat - like who wouldn't dance to it."

More importantly, Cohan is back home recovering from her surgery -- and reportedly doing well. "I am doing great," she said. "I'm feeling very spiritually fulfilled."

And how could she not be fulfilled, with dance moves like that?

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April Marie
April Marie

That's awesome! And I love how it's an all female surgical team.

Sandi Largo
Sandi Largo

what a heartwarming video I hope you w

Paul Varga
Paul Varga

'Wouldn't tits be lovelyyyyyy.."

Chanelle Molina
Chanelle Molina

Mark Mendoza this'll probably make me cry... Screen it for me lol

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