Robert Guerrero Graces the Excelsior

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Robert Guerrero, right, had more success at dinner than with Floyd Mayweather
When last we saw Gilroy's Robert Guerrero, he was dutifully absorbing a methodical beating from Floyd "Money" Mayweather.

It was not a dramatic event. It went as everyone expected. Guerrero is a damn good boxer with great heart and heavy hands. But Mayweather is Mayweather. It's amazing how easy he makes it look when dismantling even supremely talented boxers like Guerrero.

On Saturday, Guerrero was back in action for another event that went as everyone expected. But, this time, Guerrero won: He was the man of the hour at the Northern California Boxing Association's annual fete. And, once again, Guerrero dutifully stuck it out to the end. The event was held at the Italian American Social Club deep in the Excelsior: a place where time, and interior decoration, stand still.

Guerrero's manners certainly seem to be of another age.

"He's an incredibly approachable and down-to-earth young man," says Joe Burke, a trainer and secretary-treasurer of the NCBA.

While Guerrero wasn't able to compete in the ring with Mayweather -- and no shame there -- it seems he's got him beat in the "who would you want to have a cup of coffee with?" category.

"Not just 'yeah' but 'hell yeah!'" agrees Burke.

Guerrero's May defeat dropped him to 31-2-1. His management says his next bout will come "sometime next year."

But, for one night, he was champion of all the Excelsior. And, as Burke puts it, he remains someone who "makes you proud to be associated with the sport of boxing."

Guerrero accepts his rather unique trophy from NCBA President Joe Amato

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