Police Decide to Investigate Beating of Homeless Person After Seeing Video

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Asshole beats homeless man
Earlier this week, we showed you an appalling video of an unidentified man who viciously beat a homeless person sleeping in the street in SOMA.

That video, first aired by KTVU, went viral in the blogosphere, prompting police to open an investigation into the week-old assault.

Yesterday, San Francisco police told KTVU that if they hadn't seen that surveillance video themselves, they would have never known the crime took place. The incident, according to police, was never reported, despite the fact that the video also captured two witnesses and police were seen assisting the victim.

"I first learned of it when I saw the video" Police Chief Greg Suhr said. When he realized there had been no police report, he got some of his detectives on the case to work this "John Doe" report.

In addition, District Attorney George Gascon also stepped up, asking witnesses to come forward and help identify the attacker. "It's very disturbing, right?" he said. "You see this vicious attack on an individual not doing anything wrong."

The crime happened at about 4:45 a.m. last Wednesday near Third and Bryant streets; the attacker was caught on camera repeatedly stomping on the head of a person sleeping on Third Street.

Police say the victim, initially identified as a homeless man, could possibly be a woman.

Here's the video:

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