Paulo Netto: Family Searching for Missing Brazilian Man Who Disappeared in San Francisco (Update)

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screen-grab via NBC News
Paulo Netto
Update Nov 4: Authorities have caught an image of a man who may or may not be Netto. The image was taken from a surveillance camera at a McDonald's in the Mission; According to KTVU, it shows "a gaunt, bearded man in a hat, exiting the fast food eatery." Police confirmed to us that the man had just used Netto's credit card inside the restaurant, however, they're still trying to determine if the image is that of the missing tourist. "Our investigators are working on cleaning up the image in order to confirm if the subject in the photo is Mr. Netto," said Officer Gordon Shyy. "At this point we can't confirm if it is Mr. Netto. We are actively working this missing persons case. Anyone with information regarding Mr. Netto is encouraged to contact SFPD."

Netto's sister, Ana, told the news station that she's 100 percent certain the man in the surveillance camera is not her brother, who she described as clean-shaven and shorter than the man in the video.

Original story Nov. 1: A Brazilian family is traveling to San Francisco this weekend to search for their 23-year-old son who went missing while visiting the city.

According to NBC News, Paulo Netto recently moved from Brazil to Los Angeles and disappeared while visiting the Bay Area for the weekend.

Netto's sister, Ana Rodrigues, said the last time she heard from her brother was when he called her Monday night -- and he sounded scared.

"Obviously he was terrified," she told the news station. "He was saying Ana call the police I'm in trouble, people are following me."

Rodrigues says she called San Francisco Police and gave them the location of her brother, 505 Shotwell Street. But when police went there, they found nothing.

His sister has not heard from Netto since. Both Rodrigues and her mother flew to San Francisco to try and find him. "We usually speak to him every day or two days," Rodrigues said. "We also see him on the phone with Skype and Facetime."

The family filed a missing persons report with SFPD Thursday. They also went to the hostel where he stayed, checked hospitals, and the bus station, according to NBC News.

Netto had a bus ticket to go home to Los Angeles Sunday, but agents told his family that it doesn't appear he ever got on the bus.

"He was a nice boy, not a trouble making boy," Rodrigues said. "He's really intelligent speaks four languages."

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LaReina Cobos
LaReina Cobos

Way too many young men disappearing in SF...

Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown

Geez, looks like Christopher when he was younger!

Jeremy Baker
Jeremy Baker

The street crime in this city is out of fucking control. Can we not get some cops on the street to clean up the rampant hordes of zombies thugs and crackheads?!?!?

Darryl Manco
Darryl Manco

Look through the loin as well as SOMA. Things are never as one would think. Also, could he hiding from his family due to his sexual preferences? Or perhaps the haters are at it again. Sad to read.

MrsNonof Yobizness
MrsNonof Yobizness

Serial killer are out there is more real than Michael myers! I have see so many missing flyers in SF!

Nancy Queenofsheba Endy
Nancy Queenofsheba Endy

OMG! Not another one! Christian Hughes, Sean Sidi and now this young man? WTF is going on in SF?

brennie2376 topcommenter

@Jessica Brown who is Christopher ?

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