Oakland Zoo Animals Are Feasting on Your Halloween Leftovers

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Flickr/Smithsonian's National Zoo
This is about the only time you could refer to a monkey as a pig
If you're anything like us, Halloween is hands-down your favorite American holiday. Not only is it okay to loop scary movies, but it's mandatory to snack endlessly on candy.

Also, we really love those bitchy pumpkins in Bernal Heights.

So if there's any extension of Halloween, we're down to join in. Luckily, the Oakland Zoo has big plans for us. All those rejected pumpkins leftover from Bay Area patches have made for delicious snacks for Oakland's zoo animals. Thousands of pumpkins were carted to the zoo today where tigers, turtles, and bears are chowing down on the tasty treats.

What the larger animals don't eat today, zookeepers will carve and convert the gourds as play toys, puzzles, and food containers for geese and meerkats.

"Animals such as elephants, chimpanzees, baboons, goats, and camels enjoy eating and playing with the pumpkins," said Colleen Kinzley, Director of Animal Care, Conservation, and Research. "In the case of others like the lions, bats, geese, and meerkats, we use the pumpkins as feeding devices by carving holes into the pumpkins and hiding treats inside."

Happy Halloween -- again.

Also, watch this:

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