Local Horses Make a Pit Stop at San Francisco Gas Station

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Wrong way to the stables.
It's never been clear to us why cops still ride horses other than nostalgic reasons. What's more inconclusive is how effective cops and horses are as a crime-fighting team. I mean when is the last time you saw a horse in a high-speed chase through San Francisco?

But they do make for some interesting photo opps, especially when they're spotted in the least obvious places -- like gas stations.

Richmondsfblog posted this curious image of this gang of cops and their horses at a gas station on California Street and 25th Avenue. What they were doing there en mass, we couldn't say.

What we can say for sure is they definitely weren't filling up their tanks. If that's the case, then maybe cops on horses are cost effective, at the very least.

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I used to know a Dallas cop in the Mounted Unit. He said they were able to catch a number of home burglars in the act by slowly riding down an alley looking over fences into back yards .

The other advantage was there are a lot of backyard pools and girls seem to like sunbathing topless or nude.  

aliasetc topcommenter

If dog owners got to pick up after their mutts, do horse cops pick up after their nags?

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