LAX Shooting: SFPD Beefs Up Presence at San Francisco Airport -- Delays Inevitable

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Expect company today. And delays.
The suspect in this morning's lethal shooting of a TSA officer at Los Angeles International Airport was, purportedly, an off-duty TSA officer

That gunman is also reportedly dead.

Even still, the San Francisco Police Department is taking no chances, enhancing its presence at SFO.

"In response to the the LAX shooting, ALL SFPD SFO staff are deployed and are in terminal saturation patrols in an abundance of caution," reads a police release. "We are in contact with the FBI who is the lead agency in the LAX shooting as well as LAXPD, TSA and Federal Marshals."

So, if you're seeing a plethora of police at the airport -- that's why.

And if you're waiting for a while in the Cell Lot or unable to head south -- that's why, too.

Virgin America operates out of the afflicted LAX Terminal 3 -- and delays induced by the shooting are rippling across the nation.

The Website FlightStats.Com currently lists SFO's "Delay Index" at 1.75 -- a low-to-moderate tally. That's cold comfort for anyone hoping to go to Los Angeles or pick up someone departing from that city to here, however.

LAX's "Delay Index" is at 5.0 -- the max.

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aliasetc topcommenter

Cops don't prevent, they come after to clean up.

Judy Worth Friedsam
Judy Worth Friedsam

and rightfully so ! funny how it always takes an incident before a little prevention takes place.

Rosemarie Anello Coppin
Rosemarie Anello Coppin

horrible, was it just one guy that they got. I pray nothing goes off at any other airport!!!!

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