Kilt-Wearing Man Set on Fire While Riding the Bus (Update)

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Update 3:15 p.m.: According to news reports, police have arrested a 16-year-old boy on suspicion of setting another teen on fire while riding the bus in Oakland.

Police reviewed surveillance video that helped them track down the unidentified suspect. The 18-year-old victim was reportedly sleeping on the bus when his attacker set his clothes on fire; the blaze spread to the man's legs. Police say the victim suffered second and third-degree burns but is expected to survive.

Original story 7:46 a.m.: And here you thought your ride on Muni was stressful.

According to press reports, an unidentified man was set on fire Monday evening while riding the bus through the city's Glenview District in Oakland.

All we know is the man, who was only identified as wearing a kilt, was on the 57 line at about 5:10 p.m. near the intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and Ardley Avenue when he went up in flames.

Clarence Johnson, spokesman for AC Transit, told KTVU that the driver noticed the man was on fire, but he had no idea how the blaze started. He stopped the bus, and called for help while the remaining passengers exited the coach.

The victim was taken to the burn center at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco where he's being treated for his injuries.

Johnson would not say how badly injured the man -- or his kilt -- was.

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What's with the last sentence? A sarcastic comment about his kilt? For real?

David William Wagner
David William Wagner

Sickening. Are these the types of people that live in San Francisco? Public transportation runs over pedestrians and people setting each other on fire, sounds like a great place to stay away from.

mailorders topcommenter

Great balls of fire! That's a sizeable sporran to singe.


@gentrifymylove I agree. This poor kid will forever be changed by this terrible incident. Not a great time for puns by the post or the below comments. Thanks for bringing that to light.


@David William Wagner , this occurred in Oakland, across the bay from San Francisco!

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