Jaynry Mak Young, Former S.F. Politico, Ordered to Stay Away From Her Kids

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Jaynry Mak Young
A San Mateo County court has granted a restraining order against Jaynry Mak Young, the chairwoman for the San Francisco Community Youth Center, following her husband's accusations she abused him and their two young children.

According to court documents, on April 19, 2013, Clifford Young filed a petition for a restraining order and sole custody of their two children, Tanner, 7, and Elle, 19 months, alleging dozens of scenarios in which his wife physically and verbally abused the three of them.

Specifically, on March 13 2012, Young claims Jaynry "threatened to cut off Tanner's hand if he did not complete his Kumon math packet," according to court documents.

Per the documents, on March 26, 2012, Tanner again refused to do his Kumon assignment; Jaynry threatened to pinch Tanner if he did not finish his work. Tanner threw his pencil on the ground and Jaynry dragged him into the kitchen. "I came into the kitchen and saw Jaynry holding one of Tanner's wrists in one hand and a butcher knife in the other," Clifford stated in court records. After seeing her husband, the document continues, Jaynry put the knife down then slapped Tanner across the face.

A month later, she hurled a diaper bag with jars of baby food in it at her husband; he claims it caused swelling and bruising to his head.

"The children and I can no longer bear the trauma and anxiety we endure living with Jaynry. I fear for our safety if Jaynry is not excluded from the family residence immediately," Clifford stated.

Messages sent to Jaynry Mak Young have not yet been returned.

On Nov. 8, the court "made a finding of domestic violence," and granted the following:

  • Jaynry must stay 100 yards away from her children and her husband's job, home, and car; she will not be allowed to disturb her family, that includes calling, threatening, attacking, and striking. An exception to the restraining order includes doctor's appointments for the kids, school plays, and games. She will also be allowed to attend PTA events as the PTA Vice President;

  • She must move out of the family home;

  • Clifford Young will have temporary legal and physical custody of the children, provided he keep his wife informed of the kids medical, school, and child care via mail or email;

  • Any visitation or exchange of the children must be supervised and peaceful;
She will get two unsupervised visits in a public place every week.

Jaynry Mak Young, a Hillsborough resident, is currently the chairwoman, Community Youth Center in San Francisco and the chair of the San Francisco Women's Political Committee Advisory Board. She formally worked as a legislative aide for former San Francisco Supervisor Fiona Ma and was a staff member to Congressman Tom Lantos, (D) San Mateo. She also ran for San Francisco County Supervisor in 2006.

Another hearing to review this custody case is scheduled for Dec. 20.

JaynryYoung Restraining Order Details

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Sumi Allen
Sumi Allen

oh come on. You LOVE the pschotic tiger beast moms. You said nothing when Yale grad wackjob Amy Chua wrote "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" to encourage horrible episodes of child abuse to Asian children through the mainstream- and only spoke up when it came to politcs. I see that you are genuine in your caring for beaten tiger cubs. (I was one) Congrats Snitch! You got everything you wanted. What's the prize?

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