If You Are Looking For Your Lost Dog, Don't Fall For This Craigslist Scam

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This dog IS actaully in Jamaica, but he's not yours.
Well, here's your depressing online scam story for the day:

We came across this desperate Craigslist ad begging anyone who has lost their dog in California to watch out for this pathetic pet scam. Seriously, your lost dog is not living it up in Jamaica.

From the dog owner:

"Below is an email I received in response to my CL ad looking for my lost dog. The scam artist went all out detailing a long story of how he found the animal, but unable to point out where/what city, and did the usual send money first to get dog back. Just a warning to pet owners looking for their pets, watch out for this Mike/Michael and never send/pay upfront. Also, if they truly have your dog, providing proof of your dog by sending photos/videos will not be a problem especially if there is a reward offered.

Take care to all pet owners!"

And now for the insane ad (click to expand size):


In any event, don't get duped, or else you will have lost your precious pup and you hard-earned cash.

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